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How Getting A Dog Can Improve Your Life

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Any dog owner knows that a dog isn’t just a pet. As the old saying goes, a dog is a person’s best friend. A dog can be a furry cuddly playmate, an exercise partner, and a brave defender all at once. The bond between a dog and its owner isn’t just an emotional one, either. Research suggests that getting a dog can actually improve your physical and mental health, as well as your overall quality of life.

Here are three ways getting a dog can improve your life. Before you run out to adopt yourself a dog, however, remember that this exchange isn’t one-sided -- a prospective dog owner should be just as prepared to take care of their dog and improve their life as the dog will improve their owner’s.

Owning a Dog Can Help You Be More Healthy

According to the American Heart Association, dog owners on average have lower cholesterol, fewer heart problems, and lower blood pressure compared to non-dog owners. This is in large part because dogs require a significant amount of physical exercise or else they tend to go a little stir-crazy indoors, taking it out on your furniture in the process. Taking your dog out for a walk once or twice a day can inadvertently have a fantastic effect on your physical health.

Dogs are especially good for those with attention disorders such as ADD and ADHD, as playing with a dog is a great way to get rid of all that excess built-up energy. Some individuals with arthritis have also reported improvements to their health after acquiring a dog. By promoting a more active lifestyle, owning a dog can have a profound effect on improving your overall physical health.

Dogs Can Lower Stress Levels

Having a cuddly companion has been shown to lower the stress hormone cortisol in humans in a variety of different ways. Simply petting a dog can have a calming effect that lowers the body’s stress response, while playing with a dog can result in the release of the neurotransmitter oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. Oxytocin plays a significant role in establishing social bonds and producing happy feelings and emotions.

Stress negatively impacts the body in a variety of ways, including increasing the effects of aging, weight gain, and poor sleep. If you work or live in a stressful environment, a dog can help you feel a lot better about yourself and improve your long-term wellbeing, too.

Have a Dog Can Improve Your Social Life

Getting a dog not only gets you a furry friend, but it can also help you acquire some human friends as well! In this day and age of online interactions and social media, many people don’t go out and meet others as much as people used to.

Taking your dog to the dog park, however, is a fantastic excuse to get outside and talk to other people in your community. You’ll already share an interest in dogs with others at the dog park, and a dog is a great way to attract some positive social interaction on the street from others who love dogs.

Getting a dog can be one of the best experiences in your life. No doubt, dogs are amazing creatures, and they can be so incredibly fulfilling in so many ways. Remember to thank your dog for all the ways they help you by doing your research before adopting and taking good care of your newfound friend by giving it lots of love, plenty of attention, and some much-needed training. To learn more about how training can improve your relationship with your four-legged buddy, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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