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David Herbert

Founder & Owner

Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist

13+ Years of Experience

Certified AKC Evaluator & Instructor

M.S. in Special Education

B.S. in Psychology

NYS Certified Special Education Teacher 

Behavior Therapist & Counselor

"The goal is not to simply teach dogs,

but to educate the humans that own them."


David Herbert's distinguished background as a former special education teacher and behavior therapist underscores his extensive expertise in psychology, behavior analysis, and modification. With a keen focus on clear communication and learning theory, David's approach to dog training is deeply rooted in understanding the intricate dynamics of relationships.

David's years of experience working with young children with special needs and as a parenting counselor have honed his insights into the psychological complexities of human-animal relationships and their profound impact on behavior. His mantra, "relationship dictates behavior," encapsulates the core philosophy that underpins his methodology. By delving into the nuances of how relationships are formed, enhanced, and changed, David provides clients with invaluable insights into their bond with their dogs and how it shapes their shared experiences.

Central to David's unique system is the cultivation of a relationship where the dog perceives their owner as the center of their universe. This bond not only fosters a harmonious connection but also facilitates the effortless resolution of behavioral issues. Importantly, David's approach emphasizes the preservation of the dog's joyful spirit, ensuring that obedience is achieved without sacrificing their inherent playfulness and personality.

As a professional and balanced trainer, David prioritizes clear communication and understanding between dogs and their owners. Through his innovative communication system, he equips clients with the tools to effectively communicate with their dogs on a deeper level, fostering a stronger bond and greater control without resorting to punitive measures.

David's reputation as a leading authority in dog training has attracted clients from across the globe, seeking his expertise to enhance their relationships with their canine companions. Whether through in-person sessions or virtual consultations, David's unparalleled ability to break down complex concepts ensures that clients of all levels leave with a profound understanding of dog behavior and the tools to achieve greater success in their training endeavors.

Ultimately, David's mission goes beyond merely training dogs; it is about empowering people to deepen their connection with their pets and enrich their lives together. With David Herbert as your guide, you can expect to emerge not only with a deeper understanding of your own dog but also with the knowledge and confidence to forge a bond that transcends expectation. At Canine Karma Training, the journey of learning never ceases, and the possibilities for growth are boundless.

David’s unique system allows for you to create a relationship with your dog where they truly view you as the center of the universe. That bond allows for the easy elimination of countless behavioral issues that people struggle with every day. It also allows for a dramatically higher level of obedience, without trading in your fun-loving dog for a robotic follower. ​It is crucial for your dog to enjoy it's life, just like it is crucial for you to enjoy your life with them. As a former teacher who spent endless hours in Montessori classrooms, David fully understands the priceless value of learning through Play. This is also incorporated into his dog training as Play is a very important part of his system. A dog that enjoys what they are doing will always out-perform a dog that simply works because they have to.

David is a professional, balanced trainer who uses a psychological and relationship-based approach to dog training. So many of our dog’s unwanted behaviors are created as a result of our inability to properly communicate with them.  David is hyper-focused on having Clear Communication with the animal in front of you. The communication system he has created is truly unique and proven to provide incredibly efficient communication and understanding for and with your dog. His goal is to educate you on how to better communicate with your dog, as well as better understand their behaviors. He will teach you how to speak and understand their language on a higher level. The stronger the communication, the stronger the relationship.  The stronger the relationship, the stronger the control. He will teach you how to use this new control without frustration, anger, force, or domination.


It is this system and relationship that has attracted the attention of people from across the globe. People send their dog(s) to Canine Karma Training from all across the United States and even Canada. With the addition of Phone Consultations and Virtual Lessons, David now has clients all over the world. His biggest strength lies in his ability to teach and break things down for any level of learner to understand. David truly believes that his purpose isn't to teach the dog, but to truly educate the people. This is why he says, "I'm a teacher first, then a dog trainer".


When you are finished working with him, you should leave with a significantly better understanding of not just your own dog, but dogs in general. You should leave with the knowledge and tools you need to reach higher levels of success with your dog. You should leave with the ability to build a bond and relationship with your dog, that is above and beyond what you currently have. You should leave feeling educated. That is the goal. Learning never stops and neither does dog training. 

Isabela Herbert


Dog Trainer & Certified Canine Nutritionist

B.S. in Biological Sciences

Certified AKC Evaluator


Isabela Herbert, Co-Owner of Canine Karma Training, is a distinguished professional with expertise spanning both dog training and canine nutrition. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Isabela's lifelong passion for animals, cultivated since childhood, led her on a remarkable journey from the world of competitive horse riding to becoming a leading authority in dog training and nutrition.


With over a decade of experience working with Arabian horses, Isabela's transition to training dogs was a natural evolution driven by her innate love for animals. It was during this transformative period that Isabela discovered her calling in canine nutrition and embarked on an intensive study to deepen her understanding of this vital aspect of dog care.


Isabela's mission is rooted in enhancing dogs' overall well-being through a holistic approach to mental and physical wellness. This dedication to improving the lives of dogs led her to partner with David Herbert and relocate to Long Island, NY, and later to Virginia, to further elevate her professional training skills.

Working closely with David, Isabela immersed herself in Canine Karma Training's psychological, relationship-based approach to dog training and behavior modification. Her natural talent for understanding animals and their owners has resulted in remarkable success in rehabilitating fearful, aggressive, and reactive dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

In addition to her expertise in dog training, Isabela is a Certified Canine Nutritionist with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Recognized as the premier dog nutritionist in her field, Isabela's credentials include certifications as a Canine Nutritionist and Pet Nutrition Coach from multiple reputable institutions. Through her Nutrition Consultation service, Isabela has positively impacted the lives of thousands of dogs, empowering their owners to provide healthier and more nutritious diets tailored to their specific needs.

Whether you're a raw feeder or follow any other dietary regimen, Isabela's Nutrition Consultation offers personalized guidance to ensure your dog receives the optimal nutrition they deserve. With Isabela Herbert's expertise and unwavering dedication, you can trust that your furry companion will receive the highest standard of care and support to thrive and flourish.

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