David Herbert

- Founder & Owner

- Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist

- Certified AKC Evaluator & Instructor

- NYS Certified Special Education Teacher 

- Behavior Therapist & Counselor

"The goal is not to simply teach dogs,

but to educate the humans that own them."

     As a former special education teacher and behavior therapist, David has an extensive education centered on the same things that his dog training is built on today:  psychology, behavior analysis and modification, clear communication, learning theory, learning through play, and his specialty; relationships. His years of experience as a behavior therapist for young children with special needs and as a parenting counselor, is what lead to his focus on the psychological complexities and inner workings of relationships and how they effect the behaviors of those within them. As he will tell you, “relationships dictate behavior”. Meaning, the relationship you have with another, is what dictates your behavior with them. The relationship you have with your child or friend, is the single biggest contributing factor to how they behave with you. The relationship you have with your dog, does the exact same thing. Truly understanding the fine details of how these relationships are formed, enhanced, damaged, or changed, gives you a dramatically better understanding of your dog, your relationship with them, and your life together.   

     David’s unique system allows for you to create a relationship with your dog where they truly view you as the center of the universe. That bond allows for the easy elimination of countless behavioral issues that people struggle with every day. It also allows for a dramatically higher level of obedience, without trading in your fun-loving dog for a robotic follower. ​It is crucial for your dog to enjoy it's life, just like it is crucial for you to enjoy your life with them. As a former teacher who spent endless hours in Montessori classrooms, David fully understands the priceless value of learning through Play. This is incorporated into his dog training, as Play is a very important part of his system. A dog that enjoys what they are doing will always out-perform a dog that simply works because they have to.

     David is a professional, balanced trainer who uses a psychological and relationship-based approach to dog training. So many of our dog’s unwanted behaviors are created as a result of our inability to properly communicate with them.  David is hyper-focused on having Clear Communication with the animal in front of you. The communication system he has created is truly unique and proven to provide incredibly efficient communication and understanding for and with your dog. His goal is to educate you on how to better communicate with your dog, as well as better understand their behaviors. He will teach you how to speak and understand their language on a higher level. The stronger the communication, the stronger the relationship.  The stronger the relationship, the stronger the control. He will teach you how to use this new control without frustration, anger, force, or domination.


     It is this system and relationship that has attracted the attention of people from across the globe. People send their dog(s) to him for training from all across the United States and Canada. With the addition of phone consultations and virtual training, David now has clients all over the world. His biggest strength lies in his ability to teach and break things down for any level of learner to understand. David truly believes that his true purpose isn't to teach the dog, but to truly educate the people. This is why he says, "I'm a teacher first, then a dog trainer".


     When you are finished working with him, you should leave with a significantly better understanding of not just your own dog, but dogs in general. You should leave with the knowledge and tools you need to reach higher levels of success with your dog. You should leave with the ability to build a bond and relationship with your dog, that is above and beyond what you currently have. You should leave feeling educated. That is the goal. Learning never stops and neither does dog training. 

Caroline Velasquez

- Head Trainer in Virginia

- Dog Trainer

- Certified AKC Evaluator & Instructor

- ABC Graduate and Certified Dog Trainer

     Caroline is a former preschool and kindergarten teacher from Fairfax County, Virginia. Her love of education and dog training lead to her transition as a full-time dog trainer. She began her journey by working to rehabilitate her own dog’s aggression, which sparked a newfound passion. She began offering dog walking services specifically for owners who struggled with reactive and aggressive dogs. Caroline has experience doing volunteer work with aggressive dogs in rescues and shelters, and has worked alongside a variety of different dog trainers in Virginia. This allowed her to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with a variety of different dog training styles, methods, and philosophies. After graduating from Animal Behavior College, she moved to Suffolk County, New York to learn Dave’s specific system of dog training. She apprenticed under him for six months in order to really master this psychological, relationship-based approach to dog training. In this time, Caroline trained and worked with countless dogs and clients, using these specific methods. She is a balanced trainer who offers the same quality of service, innovative approach, clear communication, and relationship building skills, that has attracted so many people across the world to Canine Karma Training. She currently resides in the Northern Virginia/DMV area with her two dogs, Jace and Luna.