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Board and Train

Are you looking for dog training that can work with your busy schedule? Consider doing a Board & Train program with Canine Karma Training. Our unique dog training system allows your dog to feel comfortable and capable while they go through the training process. Our new home and training facility is located on 7 acres of land, in beautiful Stafford! This also means that we have far more room, land, and resources for training, thereby providing an even BETTER Board and Train experience than ever before.

Visit our about page to learn more about our methods and trainers.

At Canine Karma Training, we understand that the relationship between a dog and its family is of the utmost importance—this is especially true during the training process. When we work with your dog, we work hard to provide the support and stability that you and your dog will need to build an amazing relationship.

With our unique Board and Train program, you can ensure that your dog gets the consistent, in-home training that they need, while living and working with two professional dog trainers, just like one of their own dogs! Our training works to give your dog confidence and manners and true obedience.

We love what we do and the dogs that we train, and we know that we can help you with all of your dog training needs. No matter the breed, size, or problem, we can help change your life for the better!

“Boarding and Training” is a program where your puppy or dog will come and live with me. There, he or she will be fully trained, rehabilitated, cared for and loved as one of my own dogs. Being trained in a home environment allows us to teach your puppy or dog countless times over the duration of their stay. They will also be exposed to the every day distractions and situations a dog needs in order to be acclimated into a family home. What we focus the training on depends on your goals and needs. From puppy training to advanced obedience, from extreme behavioral problems to working dogs.

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