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Basic In-Home Training & Obedience

With In-Home Training, the classes are centered around the needs of you and your dog.  Whether your dog needs Housebreaking, Manners and Respect, or Basic Obedience Training, your needs will be catered to.  This is the program that most puppies and dogs begin with.



Your puppy or dog will be trained to eliminate outside or in a chosen area.


Manners and Respect

To be a good family pet, a dog must know their boundaries and respect the humans around them.  Your dog will be taught to be polite by removing inappropriate behaviors such as begging, chewing, jumping, play-biting, or any other unwanted behaviors.


Basic Obedience Training​

Your dog will be able to perform a range of commands that I deem to be absolutely necessary for any dog to know and obey.  Dogs have an extraordinary ability to read human body language, so I incorporate various hand signals into the training that your dog will learn to respond to and obey as well.  Furthermore, at the completion of this program, your dog will comply with your commands the first time the command is given and without the use of treats or food. ​​

The following commands are included in Basic Obedience Training:


  • Sit - your dog will sit down.

  • Down - your dog will lay down.

  • Come - your dog will come to you and sit down in front of you.

  • Stay - whether standing, sitting, or laying, your dog will stay in place until otherwise told.

  • Drop It - your dog will release and drop anything in his or her mouth.

  • Leave It – whether food on the floor or something hazardous, your dog will “Leave It” alone on command.  This can keep your dog safe from toxic foods or simply prevent them from doing something they shouldn’t.

  • Place - sends your dog to a desired location (usually their dog bed or crate), where they will stay until you “release” them.

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