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The Valuable Relationship Of Dogs And Humans

Dogs have been a part of the human experience for hundreds of years. Whether forming beneficial partnerships to work and hunt or creating bonds of unconditional love and comfort, dogs and people are intrinsically connected. There are many different breeds of dogs, and the way they behave varies between each type. One thing that doesn't change, however, is their loyalty to their owners.

Business Partners

One of the main reasons someone may adopt a dog is to use them for work. Dogs are hard workers and can be used for many different purposes to achieve goals. Dogs, such as Australian Shepherds, aid ranchers in herding livestock such as sheep and cattle. Other breeds like hounds and terriers are used for hunting and pest control.

Because of their keen noses and high-level functioning, certain dogs such as Bloodhounds and Malinois are also beneficial for bomb and narcotic detection. Most of us don't need dogs to sniff out bombs, but they also can help around the house to ward off intruders and potential threats.

Loyal Companions

While dogs make excellent workers, that's not all that they are suitable for. Dogs make great companions for people. Because of their innate nature to get along with humans, dogs are inclined to being your best friend. Many people choose to get dogs because their loyalty and unconditional love brings a sense of peace and fulfillment to their lives.

While they aren’t humans, dogs still provide a lot of attention and make people feel less alone. Many people who own dogs state that owning one has significantly improved their quality of life and mental well-being. Dogs are great for people with anxiety and depression as they seem to bring joy into everyone's hearts.

Serve and Protect

Finally, dogs can make great service animals. Many senior citizens and people with disabilities choose to adopt specially trained dogs that provide services that increase their quality of life. Dogs can be used to sense signs of seizures, strokes, and even potential heart attacks.

Some dogs can also aid people with walking and preventing falls. Many dogs are also trained to be emotional support animals to help negate chronic anxiety and depression symptoms. They can also carry and retrieve items for people with limited mobility. A dog’s ability to serve and protect humans is genuinely astounding.

The Right Fit

With all of the positive attributes dogs have, people can sometimes underestimate the importance of researching breed characteristics before bringing a dog into their lives. While dogs are innate companions of people, there are breeds more suited for certain situations than others.

Certain breeds are known to be high energy and in need of daily mental and physical exercise, while others may be determined workers who need ‘jobs’ to work on to remain happy. Understanding dog breeds is crucial for a successful companionship, and proper attention to the dog’s care and training is vital to ensuring a long and rewarding relationship.

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