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Strengthening the Bond with Your Four-Legged Friend

The relationship between dogs and humans was largely based on functionality until the King of Prussia boldly declared otherwise in the late 1700s. Sir Frederick the Great knocked society’s norm publicly professing his fond affection for the Italian Greyhound he treasured, and the rest is history. While the relationship between people and canines has evolved, the dogs’ need for purpose has remained constant. Strengthening the bond with your four-legged friend means giving them purpose which starts with training.

Filling the Need for Purpose and Praise

It may be hard to believe that purpose and praise go hand in hand but it’s absolutely true for canines. Dogs are pack animals in the wild and their brains are hard-wired to complete tasks. Each dog has a place in the pecking order always acting in the best interest of the group. Social interactions within the pack are based on submission rather than aggression. At home, your family is the pack even if it’s just you and your dog.

Neurological tests on Fido’s brain activity have shown that dogs attempt to understand unfamiliar words from their owners. They try to please their owners actively seeking out praise by completing tasks. Basic training is the tool your dog needs to perform successfully. Training your four-legged friend gives him the opportunity to earn your praise through accomplishment.

Communication Builds Relationships

Dogs are social animals who thrive on relationships, much like people. While communication strengthens those relationships, dogs communicate differently than we do. Nonverbal cues such as body language are their primary means of correspondence. Dogs interpret these nonverbal cues to sense human emotion. The more time you spend with your four-legged friend, the better you will understand each other.

Obedience training is a great way to strengthen communication and understanding between you and your pet. It sheds a positive light on the time you spend together while building trust between the two of you. Training also provides the opportunity to praise your dog often while exercising positive reinforcement. You should continue ‘trick training’ with your four-legged friend even after the basics of obedience have been mastered. This helps to keep Fido active while giving you ample opportunity to work together as a team.

Bonding Through Trust

Training your dog builds communication and communication builds trust. The more Fido trusts you, the stronger your bond will be. Obedience training is about more than just teaching your dog to sit or stay. It lays the foundation for a stronger relationship with your four-legged friend. With so much at stake, it’s important to partner with a trainer who not only understands the crucial relationship between a dog and its owner but one who values it as much as you do. Canine Karma Training utilizes multiple techniques to help strengthen the bond between dog and owner while building trust and communication. Contact us today to see how an educational approach to dog training can help strengthen the bond with your four-legged friend.

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