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The Original "Relationship-Based" Dog Trainers

Canine Karma Training stands apart with its truly revolutionary approach to dog training. For nearly a decade, our pioneering system has touched the lives of tens of thousands of dog owners worldwide, transforming the way they interact with their furry companions. At the heart of our program lies a fundamental principle: the relationship between the dog and owner is paramount, as it dictates everything.

"Relationship dictates behavior and obedience, NOT repetition."

Contrary to conventional dog training methods, we understand that true obedience stems from the quality of the bond shared between you and your canine companion. Merely drilling basic commands like sit, down, and come won't guarantee obedience if the underlying relationship is lacking. At Canine Karma Training, we recognize that without a strong foundation of trust and respect, control over your dog becomes reliant on treats and leashes, rather than genuine connection.

We are NOT your typical dog trainers!

As Reward-Based, Balanced Trainers, we distance ourselves from archaic techniques such as Alpha/Dominance Theory, compulsion-based training, and intimidation tactics. Instead, our approach is centered on empowerment through education. We don't just teach you how to train your dog; we equip you with a deeper understanding of the principles behind each training method. Our goal is to make you a more knowledgeable and confident owner, capable of fostering a bond with your dog that transcends mere obedience.

The relationship we cultivate between you and your furry companion leads to remarkable results—a dog that is not just well-behaved, but one that brings joy and harmony into your life for years to come. At Canine Karma Training, we prioritize the long-term happiness and fulfillment of both you and your beloved pet, ensuring that every moment spent together is filled with love, trust, and mutual understanding.

Any Dog, Any Breed, Any Problem

No matter how big or small, no matter how young or old, no matter how severe their behavior is, we can help you achieve your goals!


Behavior Modification
Board & Train

We offer a wide range of services. Please call or email us to schedule a consultation appointment, and your needs will be addressed from there.

  • Phone/Online Lessons (Facetime/Skype/Zoom)

  • Board and Train

  • Obedience Training

  • Behavior Modification

  • Off-Leash Obedience

  • Puppy Training

  • Aggression and Anxiety 

  • ​Housebreaking 

  • Dog Nutrition Consultations

  • Working Dogs

  • Sport Dogs

  • Service Dogs

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