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Three Ways Dog Obedience is Important

We know that it's important to raise a dog the right way. It makes a difference in your life and your pet’s life – and in your lives together. That’s part of why we work so hard to make sure that we offer the best training services to give your dog every chance of improving behavior without too much trouble.

Think about these aspects of dog obedience that really change your day-to-day routine and dog ownership in general.

Is Your Dog Housebroken?

It's a big question with any dog of any age. Whether the dog is housebroken is the determining factor in a cascade of consequences that can really make a big difference in the dog owner’s life.

Someone has to be on top of the dog’s bathroom habits, or eventually, the property can become completely ruined. If you are a tenant, you'll be liable for all of this in terms of your security deposit, but if you own the property, you'll still be liable, just in a very different way.

So, because housebreaking a dog is so important to the integrity of the living space and environment, it's something that requires a lot of attention.

Off-Leash Training

This one ends up being important, too. When a dog is well-trained off-leash, he or she enjoys more freedom and a more diverse lifestyle, and the owner worries less.

Even if you always observe leash laws, there are those situations where the dog may get loose. Then you're dealing with a potential nightmare situation trying to chase your dog down and figure out where he or she is. Locating and collecting your dog for his or her own safety can be a very harrowing experience each time you have to do it - unless the dog is well trained.

Aggressive Behavior

Most dog owners love their dogs a lot, but not everybody else shares that bond, and so relationships can be strained by a dog's aggressive behavior. Whether you see your parents and siblings every day or only a few times a year, your dog can become a problem if he or she is pawing at them, jumping on them, barking at them or otherwise accosting them in ways they don't like.

Then it's time to get serious about dog obedience.

At Canine Karma Training, we understand all of this and more. We bring our expert approach to pet training to create a happier life for you and your pet. Ask us about how we can help you get your doggie into a better routine.

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