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Three Myths About Dog Training

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

There's a lot of misinformation out there in the world of canine training. Everybody has their own opinion on whether dogs are all that smart, etc.

If you're a devoted dog owner, though, you probably believe in your pooch quite a bit, which is good. We encourage that!

Here are three of the myths that we have proven wrong as we go about helping our clients to develop better relationships with their furry friends.

You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

One of the canine personalities that we showcase on our website is the old, stubborn dog. You may know a dog like this! He or she may have long ingrained habits and practices that can be difficult to change, but we have seen firsthand that in fact you can get some good behavioral correction with older dogs. It just goes back to that principle of working with the dog in a humane way and listening to the right signs, in a way that uses the behavioral wiring of the animal and its instincts in a good way.

Dogs Can't Zoom

During the coronavirus, it's been difficult to for dog owners to get access to the training and assistance that they need for help with their lovable pups.

To that end, we have set up our own remote assistance program with zoom and teleconference options. So we've seen how we can be effective with dog owners through the power of the Internet – to some people, it seems disingenuous: it seems like something that can't be done. They just don't believe in the ability to do something like this over the Internet. But remember, the dog owner is on-site. Again, we've seen some pretty good results come out of these types of sessions, so if transportation is an issue, we've got you covered.

Bad Behavior Can't Be Unlearned

Yes, like humans, dogs are also creatures of habit. But we have seen dogs conquer all sorts of bad behavior through patient and positive reinforcement.

Take a look at articles like this one to understand more about canine psychology and how it developed. We can help you to create the good relationship with your dog that will lead to fruitful obedience training and more. Your dog might have tenacious habits – that’s normal – but he or she is not unable to change! Take a look at the resources on our site for more on how all of this works, and let us help you to fix the problems that you have with your doggo.

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