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Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog On A Schedule

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Our worlds revolve around our canine companions, and keeping our furry friends happy and healthy is a top priority for dog owners. Domesticated dogs rely on us for the food, exercise, shelter, and physical and emotional care that sustains a long and healthy life.

When you feed your dog is as important as what you feed him. Creating and maintaining a feeding schedule allows your furry friend to eat healthy amounts of food simultaneously each day which is a vital part of keeping him in optimal health. Let's look at how dog feeding schedules can improve your dog's life.

Regulate And Monitor Your Dog's Appetite

Feeding your dog regularly allows you to regulate and monitor her appetite. Staying informed about how much your dog is eating can help to head any health issues off at the pass. If you notice your dog eating less and experiencing a decline in appetite, it may indicate several health problems. By feeding your dog on a schedule, you'll immediately recognize any atypical eating patterns.

Regulate Your Dog's Potty Times

Many dog owners have schedules that keep them away from home for extended periods during the day. Regulating your dog's feeding schedule will also regulate his potty times, as most dogs relieve themselves shortly after they eat. Specific potty times also help when you have a dog sitter or are out and about with your dog enjoying activities, it's always good to know when your dog needs to 'go.' Regulated potty times give you the info you need on your furry friend's health as well, as any accidents may be a sign of something amiss.

Keeps Your Dog Fit

If you leave food out all day for your dog to graze upon at will, you will have an obese dog. Dogs fed consistent amounts of food on a consistent schedule tend to stay fit and trim and in overall better health. Canine obesity leads to a host of illnesses that can be life-threatening for your furry friend. Dogs can develop diabetes, heart problems, breathing issues, and joint pain due to being obese, leading to a diminished lifestyle and extensive vet bills.

Your Dog Will Appreciate A Feeding Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they thrive both physically and mentally on a feeding schedule. Your dog will appreciate that he can depend on food arriving daily at certain times, and he will be happier and healthier for it!

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