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Be Your Dog’s Best Friend

Dogs truly are “man’s best friend”. Just by being themselves, dogs make us feel joyful and loved. Having a furry companion by your side actually boosts your quality of life in countless ways.

With all of the good that our dogs brings to us, it only makes sense that we take time to evaluate how we are contributing to their lives as well. Of course we provide the basics of care, but are we doing enough to actually increase their happiness and strengthen our bonds?

It’s no secret that dogs love activity. Just a mention of a walk can send them into a whirlwind of fervor. Taking your dog on an extra long hike, changing up some of the scenery, and introducing some surprise outings to their routines will keep your dog engaged and fulfilled. As socializing is an important part of walks, finding a good local dog park is a great way to boost your dog's confidence while making new friends.

Not all walks and outings need to be straight exercise, we must take time to stop and smell the roses, or fire hydrants. Dogs need to be dogs, and a big part of that is allowing them the time to explore all of the odors around them. By sniffing around, dogs learn a wealth of information, stimulating their brains. Some walks should be merely dog led adventures in smell, allowing them time to take in their surroundings.

If you have less time to manage some free range smelling tours, you can introduce scent work into their routines. Since using their noses is a big part of being a dog, tracking games using scents can give your dog the stimulation it needs in doors. Playing scent games is fun for dogs, and gives you another method of interaction.

Dogs love interaction with their person, or people, and playing games with your dog tells them that they are important to you. You can think outside of the box to find new ways of interacting with your pal. If your dog loves to fetch, try introducing new items for him to go get then bring back to you such as your slippers or your television remote control. This may sound more like training than playing, and in fact it may well be.

Training a dog to listen to your instructions is valuable for both of you. Your dog wants to please you, and you can capitalize on that trait by teaching him basic commands like sit, stay, wait, and come. These basic commands establish a language so that your dog can better understand your desires.

Advanced training can also be beneficial as it can correct behavior issues, increase the safety of your animal, and provide both dog and owner with the confidence needed to tackle any situation life may bring.

Spending quality time with your furry friend is the key to a fulfilling relationship, for both you and your dog. Whether through exercise, play, or training, the effort makes the difference.

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